FRP Pultrusion in Ahmedabad | Gujarat

FRP Pultrusion

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) pultrusion provide long-lasting performance in highly corrosive environments. Pultrusion is a method for the production of fiber-reinforced composite structures. It facilitates high-performance composites to commercial use. Apart from this it also offers lightweight and high dielectric strength benefit as compared to traditional construction material. 

FRP Pultrusion in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our manufactured FRP Pultruded Sections are indeed the most advanced types of sections with superior corrosion resistivity, high strength, and lightweight features. All the traditional materials like steel, aluminum & wood that were used to manufacture these sections had their own disadvantages in the industry and eventually, FRP Pultruded divisions came into the picture with virtually maintenance-free services. These FRP pultruded sections are the most eco-friendly sections available in the market as these emit fewer greenhouse gases and consume less power in comparison to other sections. We have all the expertise to manufacture varied pultruded sections with different specifications to meet diverse industrial requirements.

Pultruded composite profiles have seen an increase in demand in recent years and for good reason. With the high strength and non-corrosive character traits of fiberglass-reinforced polymers, it is a clear advantage to the customer to select a pultruded profile.

The manufacturing process is also convenient, efficient, and low-cost in comparison to other options on the market. The continuous process of pultrusion makes manufacturing cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Pultrusion also garners consistent high-quality composites, reducing error in production and in turn offering greater customer satisfaction.

FRP Pultrusion in Ahmedabad, Gujarat